Mural Durham Festival, 2016

Artists:  Bart CusickFRANCOHeather Gordon
Victor KnightBrenda Miller Holmes, Sergio Sanchez,
and WOEM & Andrew Masullo

Location: Arts Annex at Duke University


Duke Arts Annex teamed up with local artists and muralists to provide an afternoon of Interactive classes and activities involving mediums like graffiti art, mixed media, and illustration for the greater Duke and Durham community. The goal of this project was to make the day accessible to everyone regardless of their age or arts background in order to showcase the diverse art scene within Durham and encourage all artists at any level in their career.

One of the feature activities was a communal mural led by Duke sophomore Masha Feingold that highlights different aspects of Duke and Durham, including the city’s skyline, Duke Chapel, the Duke “D”, and the iconic Durham bull. At a later date various portions of the mural was sectioned off into smaller pieces and colored in a “paint by numbers” style through assigned numbered color code.

An excerpt taken from Makenzie Drazan's review of the festival.