Mural Durham began as an arts festival to bring together the Durham community and local Durham artists for a day of mural painting, food, music, and fun.

Over 600 people joined us for the first-ever Mural Durham event held on October 22, 2016, at the Arts Annex located on Duke's Campus and Burch Avenue.

Save the date! Next Mural Durham Festival is Sat., April 14th from 1-4pm at Duke Arts Annex (404 Gattis Street).

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Excerpt from: The Mural Durham festival
focused on giving the Arts Annex a brighter look

By Duke Magazine

Mural Durham, a three-hour festival of mural painting, arts instigation, and activities, including everything from the Poetry Fox to doughnut decorating, drew a crowd to the Arts Annex. Though outwardly appearing like an industrial space, the Annex is filled with artistic activity. The front had been painted, but the rest needed help. Students on the duARTS and Duke Union VisArts committees and on the Arts Annex Student Advisory Board decided that getting local artists to paint murals on the outside of the building would spruce things up....

On a side wall Josh McBride, a Durham graffiti artist who goes by the name WOEM, rode a bright-green cherry picker up and down in the sun as he spray-painted finishing touches on a piece on the east wall that included his tag. In the shade on the north side, Brenda Miller Holmes climbed up and down a ladder, using a four-foot level to sketch straight lines over individual wall panels covered with vertical trails dripping of pink, blue, and yellow paint. “We just duct-taped a sponge to the end of a paint pole and watered down the paint a lot,” she said of the technique....

Dance workshops took up one space; in another the Poetry Fox—Durham poet Chris Vitiello, in a fox costume—tapped out poems on a manual typewriter, rubber stamped them, and gave them away. There were food trucks, ceramics, screen printing stations, two murals on inside walls to which anyone could contribute, a photo booth to keep the social-media streams running, and, finally, doughnuts to be decorated with everything from cake frosting in cans to sprinkles and bacon....  

At the east wall, McBride looked at his almost-completed mural, with enormous bugs added by abstract artist Andrew Masullo, appreciating the unexpected juxtaposition. “That’s why we added those in. You have a natural organism, the bold colors,” McBride says. “Everything is there.”



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