Nasher Teens

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How did you guys come up with the idea for the mural?

Celia: We have weekly meetings where we talk about what we’re going to do. We drew up about 15 different ideas. We went through all the designs, voted on them, and tallied up the votes. Ultimately, we went with the design that got the most number of votes.

Once you had decided upon a design as a group, did you modify it together for the space?

Celia: Yeah. Originally, we were planning on painting it on a satellite, so we had two designs — one for the inside of the dish and one for the back of the dish. We ended up tweaking it to fit on this wall. It kept changing and evolving until we got something we were all happy with.

What is the Nasher Teens?

Emma: We’re a group of kids who are all really passionate about art. When we get together, we talk about art and do things around the community to promote art and the Nasher. Art is important to all of us, which is really nice.

So you’re all local students?

Emma: Yeah. Nasher Teens is made up of Durham high schoolers, usually Juniors and Seniors. I think it’s a great opportunity.

How did you decide on a color palette for the design?

Emma: The Nasher has a mural outside the auditorium by an artist named Odili Donald Odita. He also has a mural downtown at the YMCA. They’re composed of these interesting triangle shapes, and the colors are very similar to the ones we’re using. We were inspired by his murals, and we used that model as a starting point.