Durham: The Flower of the Carolinas

Duke Arts, Feb 5, 2019—Discover the story behind one of the newest pieces of art on Duke’s campus—a traffic box transformed with color by the Nasher Museum of Art, born out of a collaboration between the City of Durham and a Fall 2018 Duke course. "I discovered that the explorer John Lawson dubbed Durham “the flower of the Carolinas,” says artist Britt Flood. Read more.


Art As Protest: Preserving Latinx Culture through Murals

(Duke Arts, Nov 28, 2018)—“The mural at Duke was defaced…because it made people aware that there is a vibrant and powerful Latinx community in the university and the area,” notes Dr. Márquez, a Romance Studies Professor at UNC. Duke Arts explores how Duke students and community members used visual art to protest the defacement of a Latinx Heritage mural on East Campus. Read more.


People of Duke Arts: Dare Coulter

(Duke Arts, Nov 20, 2018)—Get to know Dare Coulter, a Triangle-based artist, sculptor, and muralist who combines distinct aspects of color, culture, and creativity to re-imagine communities of color in joyous and powerful spaces. “The reason that I paint what I paint is that I need people to be in it. It has to be people.” Read more.

Former Satellite Dishes Turned Into Colorful Enhancements for Gattis Street Community

(Duke Today, Apr 16, 2018)—Say goodbye to plain, archaic satellite dishes. Duke’s defunct Satellite Park, nestled deep within the historic Burch Avenue Neighborhood in Durham, was once used by the university’s Tel Com department in the 1990s. Today, instead of expensively tearing out the giant satellite dishes and banishing them to a landfill, a community mural project has turned the old technology into an outdoor masterpiece and public park. Read more.