Mural at the American Tobacco Campus

Mural at the American Tobacco Campus

where did you grow up ?

I was born in Durham but my parents moved to Raleigh when I was young.

how do you describe your style of art ?

My style is graffiti, I consider myself a graffiti writer but I’m also a muralist, I do a lot of mixed media work with canvas and acrylic. Usually what I have going on large scale determines the time for the rest of my private experimental stuff.

what inspired your design?

Basically the idea is a mix of things. Amy (Unell) and I were brainstorming ideas, I had a couple of things I wanted to do prior to the text, but we were looking for something to tie the triangle and NC together.

Esse quam videri is a strong point for the scale of work I’m doing. I wanted to make a statement and to do so words are real important. To be rather than to seem.. It's me in a nutshell! A lot of people tend to put a different sort of persona or vibe depending on who they're around, but I live through my work. I would much rather be an artist than seem an artist, it's just art from 9 to 5.

Do you have any favorite spots to work at in Durham ?

I like to work wherever there's an opportunity! In terms of Durham, there's no real limit for me, this is my birth-spot. I actually just did a roof top wall at the American Tobacco Campus. It's my first mural here on a full scale. It’s more of a situation of me getting back in touch my roots, I’ve done tons of bodies of work in Raleigh but I want to trace it all back to where it started right here.


There are lot of similarities! They both share the generational “thing”, which is acceptance and desire for street art and creativity. It’s grown from a national to global scale, you definitely didn’t see the dynamic on this scale 10, 15 years ago. There is a huge drive for public art in both cities. With the respect of how many artists there are that live in the Triangle, and all the development and growth of this area, it was just a matter of time before this happened!