Guess where this is?!

Guess where this is?!

where did you grow up ?

I grew up in Durham.

how do you describe your style of art ?

I'm a graffiti artist, I do paintings murals and canvases in graffiti style.

what inspired your design for mural durham ?

Ideas just come together really, I brainstorm a little bit but brainstorm design up, It’s hard for me to draw up what a mural is gonna look like. Most of it happens internally. I do really rough sketches in colors and patterns interest me. 

do you have favorite spots around durham ?

In terms of hangouts I love going to the Bulls game. Food wise Tyler’s is a great place to eat. 


I paint and redo the walls in Old North Durham, by the skate park regularly.

what are some things you like about working on a collaborative program like mural durham?

When it comes to painting murals, I get excited when it's done. The process is stressful and the result is actually a relief!

Can you tell us a little about your Durham and how it's changed in the pasT years ?

Yeah it changed a lot since I was younger! I’ve always been doing graffiti and murals, I studied art in school but back then it wasn’t really accepted, murals weren’t popular. Now I like that everybody wants murals, and there needs to be even more!

My style is much more accepted and I appreciate that. I’ve seen a huge change since I started in 98, 99. I remember the first place that was considered legal downtown for us to paint, the city council shut it down and painted over our stuff. It went from that to murals everywhere! It took time for it to get here...